Trojan Records at Henry George Menswear

An Introduction to Trojan Records

Trojan Records at Henry George Menswear

In the late 1960's, British-based Jamaican music company Island Records launched a label to showcase one of the most popular producers of the ska and rock steady eras - Arthur 'Duke' Reid.

The label, dubbed ‘Trojan’ after the title Mr. Reid had acquired during his early days in the music business, surprisingly failed to fulfil its potential and folded a few months after its launch. It didn't take long for Trojan to re-launch under new management and with that came the successful introduction of artists such as Dave & Ansel Collins’ ‘Double Barrel’ Bruce Ruffin, Greyhound the Pioneers.

The success of bands such as the Specials and Madness continued a revival invintage ska and reggae classics and with this Trojan maintained a thriving record label,  with compilations, such as ’20 Reggae Classsics’ and Bob Marley‘s ‘In The Beginning’, compiled by label manager, Patrick Meads, becoming big-hit releases for them.

In the summer of 2012, Lambretta launched Trojan Records clothing collection as a sub-brand in their collection. It came as no surprise to either brand that the collection was a success and in the summer of 2015 the decision was made to make Trojan Records a clothing brand in its own right.

Shortly arriving at Henry George Menswear will be a selection of Trojan Records twin tipped polos, jacquard polos and graphic print tees that help relive the skinhead and rudeboy style.

Trojan Records at Henry George Menswear


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