hummel Announced As Most Sustainable Brand in Denmark

hummel Announced As Most Sustainable Brand in Denmark

hummel sustainable brand

For the second year in a row, hummel has been named Denmark’s most sustainable clothing brand in the annual SUSTAINABLE BRAND INDEX.

"We’re on an exciting journey to become even more environmentally friendly in the future. Which is also why we’re thrilled and extremely proud of the trust Danish consumers place in our brand. This truly fuels our ambitions and journey of hummel® becoming an even more sustainable and socially conscious business in the future,” hummel CEO, Allan Vad Nielsen, explains.

PFCs: PFCs are difficult to break down in nature. And they can even be harmful to humans. That’s why we have used the 100% fluoride-free BIONIC FINISH ECO since 2017. And that’s great news for durability, the environment, and your skin.

WATER: In 2019, we introduced the ZEROH2O dyeing concept to our British football teams. And it has reduced energy use by 50%, with water consumption and water wastage down to almost zero.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Over 50% of all our hummel KIDS products proudly carry the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX mark. This is the world’s leading health and environmental label for textiles, raw materials, and intermediary products.

PLASTIC: We are always thinking about how to reduce the amount of plastic we’re using in all stages of production. We have banned all single-use plastic packaging. We’re also producing both clothing and footwear made from recycled plastic bottles. From 2022, 100% of our plastic packaging will be made with polyurethane (PU).

COTTON: Since 2019, all our HIVE collections have been made from recycled polyester or organic cotton. To top this off, our KIDS AW21 collection is crafted from at least 93% organic cotton.

DONATIONS: If we have surplus products, they are donated to organisations that can give them new life. For example, a tonne of goods was used for sports projects in Kenya. And the Danish foundation Mødrehjælpen helped us dress vulnerable children in warm and comfortable clothing.

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